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The Top 10 Places
To Sell Stuff Online

1) We'll start this list off with the perennial favorite among a massive number of internet shoppers. is the #5 most trafficked site online in the U.S. according to Amazon has amassed a following that causes Wal-Mart to shake in it's boots. Fortunately or unfortunately, most online retailers aren't aware of the fact that they can list their products on Amazon for sale too. Amazon sports in excess of 70+ million visitors per month to its U.S. website. With those many eyes possibly on your products, not turning a profit is near impossible.

2) Is the Juggernaut of the Auction Kind.
eBay is the #1 Auction Retail Site on the planet Earth. 60+Million people flock here on a monthly basis looking for a great deal. The learning curve for properly pricing your products to guarantee profitability and sales is a little harder than, however, eBay has spawned millions of people who literally have an addiction to purchasing on auction only sites. With that type of traffic available, one would have to be a complete imbecile to ignore the  power of selling on eBay.

3) We compare this site to a powerful sword, in the right hands this website can be down right deadly.
Craigslist is the single, most powerful website out of the this entire list for reaching local sales sleuths.It's not one of the most apparent places to sell stuff online but it is hands down the absolute best method to sell your wares locally. Millions of people on a daily basis are looking to connect with local sellers via Craigslist. It has proven to be a huge opportunity for people in the know. Whether your selling vehicles, software, real estate, or As Seen On Tv products, you can definitely get it sold through Craigslist.

4) 600 Million Strong and Growing Daily. 
This is the #1 Visited Website on the Planet.
Facebook hosts 160+ Million Visitors per month and has over 600 Million Registered Users. Despite these massive numbers, marketing is a lot different on Facebook than any other general website. Sales on Facebook is primarily done via networking. You MUST get connected in order to sell your products in decent numbers. There are massive numbers available to those who learn how to use groups, find targeted friends, and can drive traffic using Facebook's Fan pages. Coupled with Facebook's own version of Adwords, retailers can very quickly draw huge followings and of course massive sales numbers to match.

5) The Wave of the Future is Mobile!

Whether You're selling on iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, or an Android, you can be certain that you've got billions of eyes on your products. The Mobile World Congress estimates that "smart phone" sales will eclipse desktop and laptop sales within the next 3 years. This fact presents a huge opportunity that will allow you to get ever closer to your customer's wallet. Assuredly if you can become the store people shop from on their phone, your financial future will become downright impressive.

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